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updated deezer playlist

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Beatport HYPE Announcement

Dear Labels Partners,
We would like to update you about Beatport’s HYPE package as they continue to push the new subscription feature forward this year.
After nearly 6 months of Beta phase, free registration and many success stories, the Beatport HYPE promotional program is finally ready to consolidate its registered labels and users into complete HYPE monthly subscribers. AND it is the perfect time to check out the HYPE subscription again as well to start 2019 on a good foot. It is a very simple process as described below, accessible directly to all our labels partners.
In case you need a reminder on what the HYPE package is, you can check 
Go directly to to finalize your subscription (10 € monthly).
You only need a Beatport user account and to choose the label name you want to subscribe for. Your subscription will start to run immediately and will be renewed automatically at the same date every month. You can also cancel the monthly subscription anytime before the end of the period if necessary.
NB: Please note that from now on, only subscribed labels will be considered by the Beatport curation team for HYPE features.
The EPM Digital Team