Since being one of the first digital distributors in 2003 means we have negotiated the best direct deals with stores and streaming services, comparable to the likes of independent societies such as Merlin. Along with a 100% in-house delivery system, that is unique to digital distributors and aggregators, this means we are not reliant on external companies for our distribution service.


Some of the major platforms we work with


Services for Labels and artists

There are more and more ways to play music either by streaming or purchasing to own in various formats. Many more people can now be reached who perhaps prior to the digital format could not buy your music (perhaps due to no record shop nearby, record shops not ordering what was wanted by someone, etc), or access it unless played on the radio. Online marketing can promote releases far and wide into territories, which labels could never afford to spend money breaking into before.

With the emergence and importance of streaming and 'the playlist’, we have developed systems to effectively monitor playlist activity for our labels and artists, leading to efficient reporting of playlist inclusion and pitching to playlist curators, ranging from the bedroom enthusiasts to the big label or radio curated lists and Spotify in-house lists. Our PR team have drawn upon their contacts and experience from Radio and Press pitching, alongside our own in house analytical systems, to create a flawless process that leads to regular success and the building of an artist or labels profile on streaming services. As with all this, it is not only down to us, but with our experience and tools we can offer advice and tips on what you can do yourselves alongside our own work to build your label and brand across streaming platforms.


In-House Services

We offer a range of unique management tools and modules

  • Label management system

  • Artist statement module

  • Playlist promotion and pitching to streaming platforms

  • Release promotion to all major platforms

  • Help with ISRC and UPC codes

  • Guidance with the creation and promotion of artist and label profiles on streaming and download platforms

Services for Stores

In order to keep your customer base growing it is essential that your music database keeps growing as well. Of course a lot of the mainstream music is generating a lot of revenue but different genres attract a different public. It is common knowledge that genre related music has a strong interest from a specified customer group, creating a solid customer base for sales & promotion.

Why EPM?

Since 2001 EPM’s experienced team has worked to provide highly professional services in the realms of digital distribution, rights management and promotion. Designed around the customer, our in-house system creates a more efficient and personal experience for our constantly growing roster of labels and artists. EPM can help you gain exposure on digital outlets across the world and get your music heard by music fans globally.

As EPM has been involved with digital distribution since the beginning, we have developed strong relationships with all online stores and streaming services, gaining a reputation for delivering a variety of quality music and leading to regular features and marketing opportunities for our labels on key stores. As well as this, we have an experienced team with many years involved in running labels, managing artists and releasing music. Therefore they are an oracle of information to help advise labels and artists on release schedules, label promotion, social media ideas and much much more that will help grow the profile online and on the digital stores.


Dekmantel / Amsterdam

"Our releases are regularly featured on all digital platforms and streaming playlists.”


Peacefrog / London

"We’ve worked with Oliver, Melle and Jonas from the early days of EPM in 2001 and have always appreciated their insider knowledge, professionalism and honesty, so when we were looking for help with our digital distribution they were the natural choice to help us distribute our products far and wide.”


Byte Records (2 Unlimited)

“Communication is fast and good and they’re always there when you need some help or advice.”


Skam Records / Manchester

"They offer a very friendly and professional service, continually adapting to the changing habits of both the listeners preferred method of listening and to the various stores methods for selling to customers"